WC Overstock┬« is an online, commerce site that sells individual overstock items.  It serve as an extra venue for individual who likes to list his/her item(s) for sale.  We're simply an online, listing agent.  Unlike ebay, we're not an online, auction site.  We don't charge heavy listing fee/commission fee from the final auction price.  We simply list your item till it sell, till we sucessfully find you a valid buyer*.  Once we find the valid buyer, we will send you the $5.00 listing & processing fee payment request to you.  Once we recieved the payment from you, we'll send you the info. of the valid buyer includes his/her physical address, phone number, and email.  At that time, it's between you & the seller to conculude the sale.  WC Overstock┬« holds no responsiblities forthe conculusiton of the sale.  The $5.00 listing fee simply goes toward the listing service we perform to help you find the valid buyer(s) of your item.

# Here's how it works:

  1. You, the seller, fill you info. & upload the item(s) you like to sell thru. us with the item request form below.
  2.  After we recieved your request, we'll review the item and send you a confirmation (no more than 2 days after your submission) to decide if your item(s) fit under our guildline & policy.  If it does, we'll list your item (no later than 2 days after your submission) on our site.  If not, we'll still send you an email for the reason we decline to server you.  *We DO reserve the right to not service anyone.
  3. When we find the potential buyer, we'll follow up for you to get the valid buyer info. include the name, physical address, and email to filter the "bogus offer" from Prince of Nigira & fake buyers.  When we find the valid buyer*, we'll send the $5.00 payment request to you. Once we recieved & clears your payment via Paypal/Credit Card/Money Order or Cashier's Check in the mail, we'll then send you the valid buyer info. for you to contact.  At that time, it's between you & the seller to conculude the sale.  WC Overstock┬« holds no responsiblities on the conculusiton of the sale.  We're simply in the listing service to help you find your valid buyer(s).  If we don't recieve any payment response from you (after 5 days we send you the payment request), we reserve the right to delete your item listing and assume you no longer intend to sell thru. us.
# Why?/The beneift of listing with us:
  1. We provide that extra venue to list your item for sale.  We act as the listing agent to save you the trouble of listing & promoting for the item.
  2. We do the follow-ups-We filter the un-wanted spam you're getting for listing your item & we also filter the "bogus offer" from the Prince of Nigira & other fake buyers you maybe getting from both end as a seller.
  3. We don't charge each little steps of your listing-we don't charge list fee, gallery fee, all final commission %.  We simply charge you one time $5.00 listing & processing fee for the listing & processing service of helping you to find the potential buyer of your item.
  4. We continue to partner with our sponsor to find ways to improve our Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) ranking to boost & promote the possiblity of your item being seen in our buyer community & world wide web.
  5. Last, but not the least, you pay no fee till we find the valid buyer(s) of your item.  So, you are really--->LISTING WITH US FOR FREE TILL YOUR ITEM SELL!!!
*By valid buyer, we mean buyer with real physical address (no P.O/Foregin address), phone (after our verification), and email address.

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